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Re-Seller Program for Brica Products

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What is Brica Dropshipper?
Brica Dropshipper is an online buying and selling program for all, in which we will handle the shipping for all those that want to sell Brica products.

How to become a Brica Dropshipper
It's easy, click the "REGISTER" button bellow and fill-in the form.


What are the advantage of being Brica Dropshipper?
  • You don't need to purchase goods first.
  • Good for those that just started up their business or have limited capital.
  • You can start anywhere anytime, with just a PC/laptop and stable internet connection.
  • Easy and can be done by anyone without prior experience.
  • Special reward for highest selling member.
  • And many more...

  • How is the process of selling and buying as Brica Dropshipper?

    1. The client orders from you.

    2. You received payments along with the name and address of your client.

    3. You forward your clients order to us, along with your clients contact.

    4. We will deliver the order to your clients after we received the payment from you.

    5. We will give you the shipping tracking number so you can forward it to your clients, so you and your client can track the delivery.

    What are you waiting for? Join now to become Brica Dropshipper
    Get SPECIAL rewards for Dropshipper with the highest selling!


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