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Introducing B-Steady 2 Pocket 2022 edition the upgrade for the previous B-Steady 2 Pocket compact 3-axis smart phone gimbal.



  • 3-Axis Stabilizer gimbal
  • Compact size & Foldable
  • Lightweight only 362g
  • Inception Mode
  • Zoom Control
  • One touch landscape/portrait switch
  • One touch photo/video switch
  • One touch front/back camera switch


Compact, Foldable & Lightweight

Easy to carry around anywhere you go, easily foldable, with compact size and lightweight. You can bring it with you in ease as you travel, or during your vlogging activity.


Folded size: 15.2 x 11 x 4.6 cm

Weight: 362g

Super stable shot

With 3 axis stabilization and combined with the included mini tripod, now you will have no more trouble shooting in low-light condition.

Say goodbye to time consuming steps.

Just a single tap on B-Steady 2 Pocket to  easily allows you to switch from portrait to landscape mode. You can also switch between photo/video recording and front/back camera with just using the button on the handle.


Smart Switch


Zoom Control

Control  it by just pushing the button on the handle, giving you a more freedom in how you want to take your shot.


Easy tracking

With easy tracking, capture your target movements easily and effortlessly, just select your subject to start tracking  smoothly.


Enhance your experience

B-Steady 2 Pocket has these amazing tools and effects to maximize and make recording your memories to be much more special.


Dolly zoom



Control it using the APP

You can control your B-Steady 2 Pocket 3-axis stabilizer gimbal using the app that is available for both Android and iOS platform, change the camera setting, monitor, start and stop recording, and many more using the app. Click the icon below to download the app for your phone.